Fulfilling a promise

Witness the return of a legend

Alec and Jan Forman's legendary Land Rover Series III. The same one that not only took them on an epic overland adventure in 1977 and has remained in the family ever since.

Be a part of the restoration

Journey along with us as we work towards the full restoration of Alec and Jan Forman's Series III. As with all restorations we have a long road ahead, but we are excited to bring you along for the ride. We have been working on some plans to help kickstart the project and we are eager to have you be involved. Stay tuned.

A formidable history

From humble farm life beginnings, carrying pigs and potatoes — to traversing rugged landscapes, across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Over sand dunes and through muddy rainforests. Across river beds and along mountain ridges, this Land Rover Series 3 has had a lifetime of adventure. After its epic overland journey Alec and Jan Forman’s  vehicle took on a more domestic role, as a family daily driver and camping companion. At one point it was almost sold, but thankfully it has stayed in the same family ever since.

Decades have passed and this legend is ready for a full restoration. Be a part of the journey and fulfillment of Alec and Jan Forman's promise, made on valentine's day 2018, to love their Land Rover back to life!

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Return of a legend updates

Witness the return of Alec and Jan Forman's legendary Land Rover Series 3. The very same vehicle which took them 40,000 miles, across 29 countries, in Europe, Africa, and Asia in 1977.