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While you create your own roadmap, draw inspiration from adventure-seekers past and present. explmore is founded on the true account of an original overland story, by authors and explorers Alec and Jan Forman. It is their story that inspired explmore's mantra, which is yours to continue today.


Mantra Ambassadors

Tim & Kelsey

Exploring more of the world, full time since 2018, Tim and Kelsey of DirtSunrise have embodied the explmore mantra in a truly authentic way. They find themselves drawn to routes less travelled and embrace chance encounters with the beautiful cultures and people of the globe.

As experienced off-road driving and recovery instructors, they come well prepared to tackle ever changing landscapes in their 1990 HDJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser. Their inherent curiosity and natural empathy towards others, provides them with countless opportunities to engage with both locals and fellow travelers.

They choose to explore more of this beautiful world to broaden their perspectives, build strong relationships with others, and to seize experiences not otherwise found in their daily life before.

Mantra Ambassadors

Leigh & Steph

Steph and Leigh’s thirst for exploration stems from their passion for rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking. They started exploring more of the world in 2017, in search of challenging rock faces. Exploration which has enabled them to experience some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. 

However, it is through their international search (with their Land Rover Defender Camper, named GrizzlyNBear) that they came to realise that the true beauty of exploration comes from engaging with the people of the countries they visit. Becoming the most important part of their journey, it allows them to share their passion for travel, nature, climbing, food, cultural understanding, and new friendships.

Embracing global cultures means to them an educational experience and something that cannot be taught in schools, but only through first hand engagement. Their life changing adventure has taught them that as humans we are all the same. We may have different ways of doing things, traditions, religions, appearances and ideals, but fundamentally we are all the same.

Be inspired by the past, to explore more in the future.

A time before overlanding was a hashtag

In 1977, following work in Canada, Antarctica, and the Sultanate of Oman, Alec and Jan Forman embarked on an overland journey that would change their lives forever.

For over fourteen months they drove their trusty Land Rover Series III across 40,000 miles, through 29 countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Navigating with only maps and a compass, they experienced the delights of rugged landscapes, including the Sahara desert (crossing twice), exploring the valleys of the Hindu Kush, and parking at the highest point of the highest road in the world, in Ladakh.

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Immerse yourself in the true account of one couple’s global trek in an age before smartphones, GPS, and hashtags. Alec and Jan’s quest to cross Europe, Africa, and Asia in a Land Rover will test their mechanical knowledge, resourcefulness, and beliefs to the core. Often, their route takes them where there is no road. Their path is strewn with abandoned vehicles of those who came before them and could not continue—will theirs be one of them?

Get stuck in a good book.

Alec and Jan Forman

Alec and Jan met while serving in the British Army, fell in love, and embarked on their life together with a shared love of adventure. Following their 1977 epic journey, they became involved with relief and rural development projects in Mali and Moldova. In celebration of 40 years of marriage, they wrote a book called Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot. Today, they delight in sharing their story and inspiring others to seek out their own life changing adventure.

Strangers Like Angels
in the Media

Strangers Like Angels been honoured with praise and reviews by publications around the world.

Listen to adventure

Relive Alec and Jan Forman’s epic adventure by audio with the Strangers Like Angels podcast readings, presented by explmore. Whether you are driving to your next camping spot, sitting by the fire on a starry night, or dreaming of your next escapade while at home, podcast readings are the perfect way to vicariously experience an original overland adventure. Narrated by the authors, the Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot podcast shares the complete story from their book that will inspire and encourage you toward your next life changing adventure.

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