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We are moving our head Office

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explmore's HQ is taking up new residence in the United Kingdom. As we make our transition across the pond, we will be working towards our reintroduction to the world. We have some exciting new plans for our lifetime membership program, our branded products, and our community services. During this time our shop will be closed and no orders will be fulfilled.

In the meantime, please scroll down to learn more about who we are and what we represent.

A community driven adventure lifestyle Brand

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a passion
to inspire –
life-changing adventure™

to ensure a greater understanding — for each other and for our precious planet — enabling positive human progression.

live by
Our mantra
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Explore more
of the world,

Nothing inspires more exploration then pure curiosity itself. From the moment we took our first breath, we all began our individual journeys to explore more of this world and beyond. Be inspired to continue life's adventure.

with others,

Our understanding for each other can only be guaranteed if we continue to communicate with kindness and respect. Even with language barriers, we as humans inherently know how to connect, if we simply try.

And Embrace global cultures.

Embracing global cultures means celebrating what makes our world so interesting and unique. By welcoming each other's perspectives, we are all enabled to achieve a positive progression for mankind.

Built on
an original story

In 1977, Alec and Jan Forman embarked on a life changing adventure, exploring more than 40,000 miles, through 29 countries, in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is on this trip that they experienced not only some of the most remote wonders of the world, but also the unwavering kindness of strangers, many of whom were like angels - guiding them along their way.

Discover The story Behind Our Brand

"To take a risk, to step out of the normal routine, is to experience the extraordinary and to stretch yourselves beyond what you ever imagined you could cope with.
Bon Voyage!"

- Alec and Jan Forman, Strangers Like Angels