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Join a global network of explorers with a shared love for adventure. Subscribers commit to living out the explmore mantra, by showing respect for other travelers, cultures and the environment. As a community, we welcome all without discrimination of any kind, PERIOD.


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With a passion is to inspire, encourage, and curate life changing adventure, we support those travelers exploring more today. Here is where we help to promote their expeditions.

The Small World Trip

We are honoured to support and encourage the team involved with the Small World Trip project. What they are attempting to accomplish is ambitious and in keeping with the mantra behind explmore.

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Mantra Ambassadors
Leigh and Steph (GrizzlyNBear)

We were rock climbers before we were overlanders. Our passion for exploration stems from our love for climbing. Climbing takes you to the most remote and beautiful places in the world. Now we access those areas overland, taking our home with us.

Mantra Ambassadors
Tim and Kelsey (DirtSunrise)

Kelsey was born in Southern California, but raised in Arizona and found a love for the outdoors and exploring seldom seen places. Tim was raised in California and had a love for the Ocean and deserts that’s only grown over time.

Latest stories

Johnny and Debbie (Big Six)

You start to look at the world differently and appreciate other things that previously seemed less important.

Kata and Chris (Roaming North People)

We love to broaden our horizon and actively welcome new influences as a gift. There is so much we can learn from each other!

Nicolas and Mathilde (Next Meridian Expedition)

We realised that we don’t need much to be happy and live our lives. You find wealth in different forms, and this is why you #explmore ;) 

David and Ellie (YakOverland)

The Land Rover community is truly unique in the way that it feels like an international family. Social media is really helpful in networking with other travellers, sharing tips and giving support. We try to be friendly and approachable with everyone we meet when travelling. Sharing food is a great way to connect.

Graeme and Laura (LOOK!)

We believe in making a meaningful connection and sharing stories - our worldview is that we have more in common as people than differences as societies. Humankind! We are often welcomed and this inspires us to stop and embrace new surroundings, experiences and culture.

Tobias and Sven (Rafiki on Tour)

Look further than the beaten path and challenge yourself to cross some (personal) borders. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it (and don’t tell yourself).

Colin and Ashley (Roaming Rupps)

Life changing adventure doesn't have to be epic. Take every chance you can get. Go to that hiking trail 20 mins away. If you are on a business trip, leave the hotel and go get dinner across town. Even if you take a taxi or uber, you get to meet the people that live there and hear their stories.

Birgit and Klemens (4x4 Panda)

Travelling and exploring other cultures makes you a better person. It opens your mind, lets you grow as a person and is the best cure for prejudices and racism.

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