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Mantra Ambassadors
January 3, 2021
Tim and Kelsey (DirtSunrise)

Kelsey was born in Southern California, but raised in Arizona and found a love for the outdoors and exploring seldom seen places. Tim was raised in California and had a love for the Ocean and deserts that's only grown over time.

Mantra Ambassadors
January 3, 2021
Leigh and Steph (GrizzlyNBear)

We were rock climbers before we were overlanders. Our passion for exploration stems from our love for climbing. Climbing takes you to the most remote and beautiful places in the world. Now we access those areas overland taking our home with us.

Latest stories

January 19, 2021
Daniel, Claudia, Anni und Piper

When we first met we were backpacking travelers for many years. Since 2006 our Anni was born, we have rented motorhomes and toured Canada and Alaska. This is where the desire for our own vehicle arose, to be able to travel independently. We have had our Unimog since 2017 and are on the road with it in Europe, because Anni still goes to school.

January 12, 2021
Mark and Jolie (The Way Overland)

Before meeting we grew up camping and overlanding all over Australia, so the love for adventure was well and truly ingrained from a young age. We went on our first camping trip together, only weeks after meeting at a beautiful spot called Seal Rocks. This would be the first of many around the Mid North Coast. We went on our first international trip pursuing a love for the ocean and diving, completing a diving trip around the islands of the Philippines.

January 4, 2021
Candice and Jordan (BeOldLater)

Candice started as a kid hiking and exploring on four-wheelers around her family’s land in western New York in the Boston Hills. Jordan started exploring neighborhoods and woods near his, by bike, and then camping trips and hiking with the scouts.

January 3, 2021
Dan (The Road Chose Me)

I grew up in small-town Australia, interested in adventure stories but never daring to dream it could be achievable for me. After University I was so burnt out I decided to snowboard in the Rockies for a winter instead of getting a real job, where I learned you don't need to be rich to explore and adventure, and that huge adventures are possible for an ordinary guy like me.

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We are honoured to support and encourage the team involved with the Small World Trip project. What they are attempting to accomplish is ambitious and in keeping with the mantra behind explmore.