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#164 Heckraisers

We are proud to throw our support behind Thayer and Kathy, as they attempt the notorious Rebelle Rally this year. A competition that requires true grit and a familiar theme of just maps and a compass. Give em Heck Team ##164!

The Small World Trip

We are honoured to support and encourage the team involved with the Small World Trip project. What they are attempting to accomplish is ambitious and in keeping with the mantra behind explmore.

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Mantra Ambassadors
Leigh and Steph (GrizzlyNBear)

We were rock climbers before we were overlanders. Our passion for exploration stems from our love for climbing. Climbing takes you to the most remote and beautiful places in the world. Now we access those areas overland, taking our home with us.

Mantra Ambassadors
Tim and Kelsey (DirtSunrise)

Kelsey was born in Southern California, but raised in Arizona and found a love for the outdoors and exploring seldom seen places. Tim was raised in California and had a love for the Ocean and deserts that’s only grown over time.

Latest stories

Leya and Jules-Erik (Billy the Def)

Learning about other cultures is really important for us. As architects we always have a look at traditional construction which is a perfect combination of an economic, ecological, well-made house.

Pióra (Klinger)

While travelling we have a wonderful chance to experience all these differences which make our world so interesting. It gives me the opportunity to understand my own culture better.

Neil (Agate)

The wilderness. It’s where I’m happiest.

Jolien and Jonathan (Restless Rosie)

One thing you realize very quickly when traveling land-based, is how small our planet really is. Everything is connected somehow and the challenges we face can only be coped with as a community. This may sound romantic, but it turns out very true when you have seen many different perspectives. Embracing global cultures by overlanding is extremely helpful to that.

Sergio and Eleni (Projeto Mundo Cão)

We want to end our days full of experiences, feelings, stories and knowledge of ourselves! And the best way to make us a better person is facing the world and all the challenges that come with it.

Taisa and Ernesto (Overland the Americas)

Traveling and living on the road for 4 years changes you profoundly. It’s hard to see life with the same lens as we did prior to our trip. It brought up the best of us and made us feel hopeful about the things that we worry about. Yet it made it clear that we have a major responsibility regarding conservation and empathy as individuals and as a society. It made us become aware of what really is priority in our lives and what isn’t.

Micha and Meiky (The Michaels)

We know a lot of people who never left the European culture circle. That's very sad, I think. If you don't learn about other cultures on your own, you miss a lot. Your life experience broadens and you will develop different sights of many things.

Laura and Tiziano (Campervan Tango)

In Italian there is a saying that basically means life is beautiful because of its diversity. There is no better way to live this idea than to travel and see the diversity of life in person.