Bulky bulkhead

Return of a Legend

Bulky bulkhead

May 4, 2023
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Alec and Jan Forman
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This work was completed on Friday, September 21, 2018

Another memory to share as we tackled the removal of the windshield and bulkhead.

“We are still in desert terrain, but the vegetation, shrubs and trees are on the increase.”

Excerpt From: Alec and Jan Forman. “Strangers Like Angels: With a Devil or Two to Boot.”

The windshield dislodged fairly easily and soon it was placed on the soft grass. The glass is still in good nick and adorned with various stickers.

Our legend looked very different at this point and illustrated well, Alec’s comment that these models are just big Meccano sets. Although it’s unlikely that a Meccano fastener would require some chiseling and firm hammering to release its adjoining parts free.

Looking at the bulkhead, there are signs of major rust and it’s likely we will need to simply replace it with a freshly galvanised one. We will of course remember to carry over the original manufacturing and transfer gears instruction placard.

Finally, after some persistent whacks of the hammer, the bulky bulkhead came free!

With it removed a moment of pause, to look at the state of affairs with our dismantle efforts. 

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