Our Passion

Inspire, encourage, and curate life-changing adventure

explmore’s purpose is to help ensure we have a greater understanding — for each other and for our precious planet — enabling progression.

More than a brand, more like a mantra.

explmore is a community driven adventure lifestyle brand mantra. It was founded on the original overland adventure story, and book, Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot by Alec and Jan Forman.

During their life changing adventure Alec and Jan not only witnessed the delights of rugged landscapes and captivating scenery, but they experienced the warm kindness and humbling hospitality of many strangers. Their experiences had a profound impact on their initial understanding of the world and broadened their perspective outside their familiar surroundings.

We firmly believe that life with exploration, whether that be locally or afar, is essential to our understanding for each other and for our precious planet — which together enables progression. That is why we created and promote the explmore mantra:

Explore more of the world, engage with others, and embrace global cultures.

A simple, but empowering pledge to live by

Stepping out into the unknown takes a leap of faith—and sometimes, the hardest part can be stepping out of your own front door. The explmore community share a sense of curiosity about the world and a desire to grow a greater understanding for each other and for the planet. Our mantra followers start their adventure by endeavoring to explore more of the world, engage with others and embrace global cultures; three simple steps that can first be actively practiced in their local community.

A man standing on a vehicle looking out through binoculars

Explore more of the world

Each of us has an innate sense of curiosity and wonder about the world. From the moment we took our first breath, we began our individual journeys to explore more of this world and beyond. Engagement with new people and places helps us to learn and grow as humans.

Two vehicles passing with their drivers waving to each other

Engage with others

Adventuring is never a solo venture. Travel creates moments of vulnerability and opportunities for kindness between strangers like no other. With openness and intention, engagement with others can overcome language and cultural barriers to find mutual respect—and even lifelong friendships.

A group of people greeting each other by a campfire and vehicle

Embrace global cultures

Embracing global cultures means celebrating what makes our world so vibrant and richly diverse. Welcoming each other’s perspectives enables us to grow and move forward—together. By connecting across cultures, we change lives, beginning with our own.

Get stuck in a good book

Be inspired by the true account, and inspiration behind our mantra, of a daring young couple who set out to experience their life changing adventure.

A simple reminder to explore more life changing adventure

Our decal was created to serve as a reminder to you and an invitation to others, to live the explmore mantra.