Loaded up for the next adventure

Return of a Legend

Loaded up for the next adventure

June 4, 2021
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Alec and Jan Forman
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It’s been over a year since we last did anything with our beloved Land Rover. As we all know the world turned on its head as we all dealt with the impact of a global pandemic.

However, as we skip forward in time, we have a rather exciting progress update. Just after lunchtime our good friend, Sébastien Land-Vintage, and his colleague, Pierre, arrived at our residence in the Black Forest. They came to load up and carry our Series on the first leg of its journey back to the UK. 

Prior to Sébastien and Pierre’s arrival, we had taken the necessary steps to secure the various bits Alec had slowly removed during our dismantling phase. To contain everything Alec boarded up the front and attached the roof racks components and the spare wheel to the front of the chassis. A security device was attached to the rear door, as an additional precautionary measure, for the English channel crossing.

A high lift jack was used to hoist up and over, like a sideways bunny hop. Using an arm cranked winch, our Series was slowly rolled back and secured to the trailer.

We were amazed and very appreciative of their wonderful professionalism considering the awkwardness of our shared driveway. Because of the resting position of our Series it took a lot of skill to maneuver out and up on the trailer. 

All wrapped up and a moment for refreshment, we waved a “see you later” to our legendary Land Rover Series 3. What a sight to see, as we think back over the years of its formidable history.

Come back for more updates on our progress to fully restore our legend.

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