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A good cleaning

February 1, 2021
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Alec and Jan Forman
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This work was completed on Saturday, March 31, 2018

When we purchased our Series 3 from Alec’s uncle, back in 1976, our initial step in converting her into our first home was to remove the strong smell of pig manure and potatoes. She was used as intended as a farming workhorse for the couple years off of the factory line. It took us a full three days to flush out the pong, before we could begin the outfitting.

Fifteen years since 2003, when we brought her to our home in the Black Forest, it took us just one day to give her a much needed dry brush and warm water scrub.

We began by removing the exterior accessories, including the roof rack and side bolts for the side racks, which held twelve jerry cans when we had crossed the Sahara in 1977. The roof box, which Jan’s father had handmade, sadly disintegrated in our hands when we lifted it away from the vehicle.

The stubborn rusty bolts proved to be a foreshadow of what is to come as we tackle this strip down process in our restoration plans. As Alec pressed on with the bolts, Jan grabbed the thick bristled broom and swept away the gathered dry muck and leaves which had fallen from the cherry tree that shaded our Series.

Brushing revealed the years of neglect, paint chipping away, corrosion, and tints of green from the algae growing full on in the door windows. Regretful evidence that we should have protected our trusty lady from the elements of the seasons.

With warm soapy water we washed away the living mini gardens and layers of grime, to show off the patina finish. What a difference it made and we began to feel better about the long task at hand, loving our Land Rover back to life.

We finished the day with a cup of tea and biscuits as we discussed the next course of action, tackling the frontend.

Alec and Jan Forman

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