Extracting the engine, Perkins model #4203

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Extracting the engine, Perkins model #4203

March 3, 2021
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Alec and Jan Forman
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This work was completed on Friday, July 6, 2018

With the wings removed, access to the engine could easily be done. We also removed the driver’s side front wheel and positioned the crane on wooden boards with the chain dangling above the engine. This was not the straight six we used on our journey, but a Perkins #4320 sourced from a scrap yard.

Undoing the engine mount bolts, which are connected to metal brackets that are a welded part of the chassis. The cushioning rubber was definitely at the end of its life and likely eager to have the weight lifted off soon.

Our friend, Jesse, returned to help once again as this was to be another two man job (well three or four as you will see). Alec attached the crane’s spreader bar to the engine lifting rings. As our Land Rover is parked on soft ground, planks were laid behind the crane to allow for a firm surface as the crane took on the weight of the engine.

Alec and Jesse cautiously hoisted the 500lb Perkins out of the engine compartment and rested it on supporting planks of wood, which lay on the exposed chassis.

Edging back incrementally this was a lengthy process and at times a bit precarious, as the engine swayed and shifted its weight. Jan at one point had to put down the camera and jump on to add additional counterweight.

Two wheels were put in place as another resting point. Jan remained standing on the right hand corner of the crane frame as Jesse and Alec pulled the crane, the engine, spare wheel and Jan around to the left and back alongside the Land Rover. We could have done with a fourth person.

It took at least an hour to carry out this operation. The final step was to gather wood for the engine’s final resting place (for now) and have it sit level.

With the engine removed our Series looked lighter and in a very sorry state, we had reached the point of no return on our dismantle project.

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