Strangers Like Angels - with a Devil or Two to Boot

By Alec and Jan Forman

An original overland adventure story

Immerse yourself in the true account of one couple’s global trek in an age before smartphones, GPS, and hashtags. Alec and Jan’s quest to cross Europe, Africa, and Asia in a Land Rover will test their mechanical knowledge, resourcefulness, and beliefs to the core. Often, their route takes them where there is no road, and more than once they find themselves stuck or changing course. Will they be able to complete their journey?

The front cover design of Stranges Like Angels book, with three children looking to the ground, their hair platted. Above the title a man in shorts stands next to a Land Rover and three children.
46 chapters, 387 pages
Strangers in the sand

Imagine yourself in the desert.

After years of planning, Alec and Jan set off from Brentwood, England full of anticipation for the journey ahead with everything they need packed into their Land Rover. At the Strait of Gibraltar, they leave European familiarity behind, crossing from Europe to Africa. The sights and smells of the new continent entrance them as they journey from country to country and face their greatest challenge: navigating the harsh terrain of the Sahara desert.

With their original route to India blocked by geopolitical events, Alec and Jan form a new plan to reach India overland by driving north, exploring more countries in West and North Africa and into Europe. Their second Sahara crossing brings challenges including punctures, dust storms, and punishing heat. In Vienna, a chance encounter leads to a new friendship.

"If you've ever dreamt about traveling around the world in a Series Land Rover, read this first."
Alloy + Grit // Publication

An interview with Leigh and Steph of GrizzlyNBear

Alec and Jan Forman chat with explmore Mantra Ambassadors and global adventure seekers, Leigh and Steph of GrizzlyNBear. Sharing stories and comparing notes on the differences of exploring today and before overlanding became a hashtag.

Over the Jagged Mountains

Experience the Near East frozen in time.

Alec and Jan’s eastward route starts in Hungary and winds through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan finding new travelling companions along the way. Mosques, temples, jagged mountains, and ancient structures line their path to India. From country to country, they receive kindness through a universal currency: tea.

New cultures, sights, and challenges await the explorers in India. Now in winter, Alec and Jan face snow troubles while navigating the mountains of Nepal and in Turkey on their way back home.

"What the Formans found was not just an epic off-roading adventure, but a new perspective of the world, encountering new landscapes, foreign cultures and kind strangers along the way – the kind of life-changing experience we all dream about."
Gear Patrol // Publication

An original overland adventure in 1977

As written in their book, Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot, Alec and Jan Forman's life-changing adventure enabled them to not only witness the delights of rugged landscapes and captivating scenery, but they experienced the warm kindness and humbling hospitality of many strangers. Their experiences had a profound impact on their initial understanding of the world and broadened their perspective outside their familiar surroundings.

Classic adventure in modern formats

Make your escape to a time before GPS and hashtags replaced with maps and film canisters. A perfect travel reading companion, Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot is available in print and ebook formats.

The paperback version and ebook displayed on an iPad of Strangers Like Angels.

Listen to adventure

explmore presents readings from Strangers Like Angels, With a Devil or Two to Boot. Narrated by Alec and Jan Forman.

Authors Alec and Jan Forman

Alec and Jan met while serving in the British Army, fell in love, and embarked on their life together with a shared love of adventure. Following their 1977 epic journey, they became involved with relief and rural development projects in Mali and Moldova. In celebration of 40 years of marriage, they wrote a book called Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot. Today, they delight in sharing their story and inspiring others to seek out their own life changing adventure.