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Sandy and Lea (Nomadventure)

November 23, 2021
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Charles Forman

Where are you from?

We are from Bordeaux, France. 

When did you start your interest in exploration?

Since the time we met, in 2016. Both in love with the outdoors, wide open space and adventures. We immediately formed a beautiful team!

What is a brief understanding of your background story up until you started seeking adventure?

Sandy was already attracted to survivalism and bivouacs in the mountains. In 2014, she finished the GR20 Corsican circuit without assistance.

In 2015, for a TV experience, she survived one month in total autonomy, on an island in the panama.

For my part, I'm practicing hiking and trail running. Desiring to test my body and mind, I also experienced the RMC Découverte, and survived 21 days in a Croatian forest, but without clothes.

We both wanted to go further and escape into the wildest lands, which explains the acquisition of our 4x4.

What special skills do you have to help with your explorations?

Sandy and I are firefighters. We are therefore fortunate, through that training, to have acquired skills, particularly medical and navigation. Sandy studied aeronautical mechanics and she has car mechanics skills too. But we just start and discover what the 4x4 trip is!

Where have you explored so far?

France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, USA

What is a brief understanding of your adventures so far?

With our old vehicle ( Volkswagen T4 ), the tour of Spain, and several journeys in France.

Recently owner of the Jimny, we tested it on offroads trails in Spain and France to prepare for larger road trips in 2021, if it’s possible...

What are the top three destinations you hope to explore next, and why?

We’d like to take our little Jimny to Morocco, for the beauty of the open spaces, the culture and fill up with the beautiful desert colours !

We are also interested in crossing French Alps and going to Tyrol, then Austria seeing the magnificent lakes and small mountain villages.

Southern Germany is also part of our top 3, including Berchtesgaden National Park.

Where would you recommend others visit?

France, of course! So many beautiful landscapes to discover! From the mountain to the ocean, we let ourselves be charmed.

How do you primarily travel on your adventures today?

We are travelling with a 2020 Suzuki Jimny. For the moment, it has a rack that posts a roof top tent and an awning (frontrunner). Soon, it will have a new AFN bumper, new suspension ( OME ) with a seat and new tires more suitable for off-road ( Cooper STT ).

What are five pieces of equipment you always travel with?

We are always travelling with our Avanona Knife, an axe, walkie-talkies, a good pair of binoculars and.. BEERS!

What inspires you to explore more?

The discovery of spaces that are difficult to access by the general public and require particular equipment.

How do you engage with others?

We pay special attention to sharing and listening to others, forging ties is also part of the trip!

Why is it important to embrace global cultures?

We all live in the same home, it’s important to be aware and to know our neighbours, to learn from their cultures, their customs in order to open our minds, to question ourselves.

What are your goals when you explore?

Our goal is to get lost to get together. We suffer, like many, from this routine : work and sleep, 5 days a week. This comfort area that some people need to feel safe, us, we need discomfort and adventures. This makes us feel more alive than ever.

What are some challenges you have experienced?

We both experienced survival, under special conditions in interesting biotopes, it was formative as much physically, morally and socially.

What has been your most meaningful moment so far?

We had the opportunity to test mountaineering this summer, on one of the highest peaks in the Pyrénées, in France. This race was much more intense than we thought, we had to push into our entrenchments, within our limits. We got a good puff of humility in the head.

How has exploration changed you?

It makes us grow every little more. It consolidates our couple and our addition, exploring strengthens our ability to adapt, to compose together and with those around us. It strengthens our senses, because it is closer to nature and soothes us at the same time.

What is the number one lesson that you have learnt through your exploration?

Adapt in all circumstances. Every moment counts.

How do you explore locally?

We spend a lot of time in France, the latter for example, and we like to hike, climb and camp. Thanks to the 4x4, the places previously difficult to access are less so now and we discover even more from our dear country!

What does the explmore mantra mean to you?

The explmore mantra means a curious community of others and their cultures, to discover the world. It inspires us to share in passion. With, at the beginning, a real story of love and adventure.

What advice would you give to others who are seeking life changing adventure?

KEEP GOING ! You will feel alive and grateful!


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