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Neil (Agate)

January 17, 2022
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Charles Forman

Where are you from?


When did you start your interest in exploration?

I guess I’ve always loved adventure and exploring. But when I started working in the Arctic 3 years ago it really ignited again.

What is a brief understanding of your background story up until you started seeking adventure?

Brief... that’s kinda tough to do. Moved to Sweden, spent 5 years building a house, sold it and everything I owned. Bought a Defender.

What special skills do you have to help with your explorations?

I’m an engineer.

Where have you explored so far?

Norway, Sweden, Austria, Italy

What is a brief understanding of your adventures so far?

Traveling from place to place while living in a Defender.

What are the top three destinations you hope to explore next, and why?

Scotland, stunning landscape.

England, because it’s my home and it feels like forever since I was there.

Morocco, for the sand dunes.

Where would you recommend others visit?

Lofoten, Norway

How do you primarily travel on your adventures today?

Land Rover Defender which I bought brand new.

  • A ikamper roof tent
  • Custom built shower
  • Solar panels

What are five pieces of equipment you always travel with?

  • A knife
  • A sleeping bag
  • Baseball cap
  • A camera
  • A lighter

What inspires you to explore more?

The wilderness. It’s where I’m happiest.

How do you engage with others?

I would say I’m a very open and honest person. I treat people how I would like to be treated. And manners cost nothing!

Why is it important to embrace global cultures?

Because you learn so much when you do.

What are your goals when you explore?

To push myself and embrace the discomfort that always comes when you are exploring.

What are some challenges you have experienced?

Winter in Austria, -20 degrees in a tent for days on end was tough. Also traveling during Covid, so much being closed.

What has been your most meaningful moment so far?

Preikestolen. It's very special to hike in Norway. I was lucky enough to have an hour to myself there (which is unheard of) and it’s an hour I’ll never forget.

How has exploration changed you?

It’s definitely brought some peace back into my life.

What is the number one lesson that you have learnt through your exploration?

That you get out of it what you put in.

How do you explore locally?

For me everything has been in the car.

What does the explmore mantra mean to you?

It’s all about the people you meet along the way. That’s what has amazed me the most.

What advice would you give to others who are seeking life changing adventure?

It’s not easy, in fact it feels impossible at times. Some days you will struggle and that’s ok.

But go for it, it’s worth it.

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