Jasper and Malin (Us and the Landy)

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Jasper and Malin (Us and the Landy)

February 28, 2022
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Charles Forman

Where are you from?

Jasper is from The Netherlands, Malin is from Sweden.

When did you start your interest in exploration?

Right after we finished our studies. During a 6-month trip, backpacking through Asia, Oceania and North-America.

What is a brief understanding of your background story up until you started seeking adventure?

Jasper grew up in the rural south of The Netherlands and is an engineer, Malin moved from Sweden to The Netherlands as a child and studied communications. We worked for several years in the fields of our studies before we decided our life needed more adventure and started overlanding full time.

What special skills do you have to help with your explorations?

Jasper, being a creative mechanical engineer, always comes up with new ideas to improve our build and loves to work on the Land Rover. Over the years this has turned him into a self-taught Landy mechanic, able to fix most issues we might encounter on the road. Malin is a great trip planner and takes care of all organizational aspects of our expedition.

Where have you explored so far?

In our Land Rover: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Spain, currently Portugal.

Before that: Hong-Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Borneo, Australia (East Coast), New Zealand, Fiji, North-America (California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New York), Iceland, Switzerland, Scotland, England (South Coast)

What is a brief understanding of your adventures so far?

Exploring the beautiful diverse countries on our own continent in our self-converted Land Rover One Ten camper.

What are the top three destinations you hope to explore next, and why?

After Portugal we will continue driving through Southern Spain before crossing to Sardinia and Corsica. At least that’s the plan for now!

Where would you recommend others visit?

Scandinavia! For its unbeatable wild camping possibilities and stunning natural beauty.

How do you primarily travel on your adventures today?

A 1984 Land Rover One Ten, retrofitted with a Defender 200Tdi engine. Top three modifications we made are a sink and water tap, diesel-heater and solar panels.

What are five pieces of equipment you always travel with?

Coleman 2-burner stove, Aeropress, 100% wool blankets, Biolite FirePit, camera

What inspires you to explore more?

The excitement of not knowing what the next day will bring.

How do you engage with others?

By traveling in a Land Rover and being part of the community, we’ve met the most helpful and generous people. We love to experience the local life, by joining Workaway volunteering projects every now and then. What we like about social media is that it brings us in contact with locals and fellow travelers which has led to meetups too.

Why is it important to embrace global cultures?

Because it teaches you so many new things and allows you to think differently.

What are your goals when you explore?

To find places less explored, to experience the real culture and country by going slowly, to create memories together and to capture the beauty of nature on camera.

What are some challenges you have experienced?

A leaking fuel tank, failing headlights while driving in the dark, not having our diesel heater before the Arctic Winter and snapping our entire wiring loom for all rear lights.

What has been your most meaningful moment so far?

One that is very high on our list is watching the Northern Lights from our roof top tent, while camping all alone on a remote beach in Arctic Norway.

How has exploration changed you?

It has taught us to truly appreciate small things, that sometimes seemed less important in our earlier lives

What is the number one lesson that you have learnt through your exploration?

To be conscious about the fact that we are able to live our dream and get to enjoy so many new experiences every single day.

How do you explore locally?

We walk, hike and sometimes accidentally drive our Land Rover through streets that are way too narrow.

What does the explmore mantra mean to you?

An encouragement to keep on discovering new places, and to embrace everything it will bring you.

What advice would you give to others who are seeking life changing adventure?

It might not seem easy to give up your safe environment, but if you really want it, you have to go for it! And don’t worry too much! It’s all worth it!

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