A reintroduction


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Charles Forman
February 20, 2021
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Hello, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Charles. I am the curator and founder of explmore, a community driven adventure lifestyle brand mantra. I started it shortly after the release of my parents’ (Alec and Jan Forman) book, Strangers Like Angels - With a Devil or Two to Boot, which tells the story of an original overland adventure they experienced, back in 1977.  

Their life changing adventure across forty thousand miles, through twenty-nine countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia led to careers working on relief and rural development projects in Mali, West Africa. I subsequently had the fortune of a childhood spent living in this beautiful and culturally rich country, visiting places like Timbuktu and Dogon country, learning first hand about the history and lives of the people from a part of Sub-Saharan Africa.

I firmly believe that life with exploration enhances our understanding for each other and for our precious planet, which together enables progression. That is why I wrote and promote the explmore mantra which is to “explore more of the world, engage with others, and embrace global cultures”.

My passion is to inspire, encourage, and curate life changing adventure™. My goal is to bring together the stories of adventure done by the explorers from the past and the explorers of today. To be a support for those looking to take that first step in venturing out into the unknown, so that they might begin to widen their perspectives.

Today, we face the unprecedented challenges of the world’s uncertainty, strained by divisions and escaping the global pandemic. However, let us not allow that to damper our adventurous spirits! Where possible we can explore our local communities, continue to engage with each other, embrace the diverse cultures, and make preparations for when the appropriate time comes to explore across borders once again!


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