For me, exploring remote destinations has always been my motivation. Traversing the backcountry in my four wheel drive vehicle, hiking through deserts and mountains and camping in those locations is what I try to achieve in my spare time. Finding new backroads with historic landmarks is what I do in my own backyard here in South Texas. As a husband and father, I don't have all the resources and time that other people have, but I don't let that stop me from exploring. 

As one person that lives on a border town between the U.S. and Mexico, you get to see a mixture of cultures. Embracing diversity is very important, especially through bad political climates that we have currently. For me, exploring the outdoors is a necessity for any person. It is the place where I can meditate with God and ponder life. For when I am outside under the stars, I feel at home.

"For when I am outside under the stars, I feel at home."


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