Hortense & Simon

We have always been interested in road tripping and alternative ways of travel. After a few years of work we were able to buy our new vacation home. We really wanted to have an old French van, to give us the opportunity to travel slower. Something that is becoming so much harder in our modern society. We found our old Renault Estafette, named Louison, in Le Havre. The first few kilometers were like a joke, as it was really strange to drive, however we were living our dream! The whole journey home was epic! A giant storm led to a lot of rain coming inside the van and trucks passing us at sixty kilometers on the highway. 

After that, the goal was to give a new life to our van, so we worked a few weeks on it. First, we started by repainting it in blue, the color of life, travel and discovery. Then, we built the interior of the camper-van. It was really a pleasure to work and to build our new home, step by step always trying to make it better. 

Once the work on the van was finished, we started to travel and to discover a new way of life. We started by traveling during week-ends around the north of France. Our little van has allowed us to meet many interesting people over the kilometers and discover beautiful landscapes.

One day, we realized that weekends were too short and we wanted to discover new scenery, to more meet people, so we left for Brittany during the summer of 2016. Each day was amazing! We found perfect spots, with evenings full of wonderful sunsets and barbecues. We are always looking for new trips to do and these trips are an excellent motivation in our every day life, all the surprises they reserve are a good break to our daily routine.

We have made lots of unexpected encounters thanks to Louison, who gives us the opportunity to travel slowly and take time to open our mind speaking with so much different kinds of people - Nicolas, the surfer from New York traveling in his camper-van in French Brittany who give us so much interesting advises and who just asked himself : "Why spending millions for a house with one nice view, when I can have every evening a different view and have the ability to change it whenever I want with my own camper-van”; - Philippe, the so sympathetic mechanic who decided to help us to repair Louison after a break down and who helped us during hours to put it on the road again.

We hope to continue like this for a long time, on the road agaiiiiin !

"We have made lots of unexpected encounters thanks to Louison, who gives us the open our mind speaking with so many different kinds of people"


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