The Netherlands

Josephine & David

Exploring more of this world gives a kick, we learn loads and we love the ‘freedom’! We have seen stunning nature, we have been to beautiful architectural buildings, we have met the most amazing people and we have experienced so many cool adventures in all sort of ways.

When we camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere, locals will still find us and they will pass by to see what we are up to. Of course we can’t really communicate due to language barriers, but it is most of the time good fun.

When we have to go through a police check-point, the officers will invite us for some chai (tea). And of course we can’t refuse.

When we walk through busy bazaars in Iran and Pakistan, often people just stop with what they are doing and they start talking to us. Just to get to know us. And of course there is no way out of it.

Most of the people we meet are amazing. And we meet loads of them, everywhere, all the time.

Another important factor is getting to know different places a little bit better and thereby changing your image of it. We thought Pakistan was a dangerous country with a lot of Taliban people, but it turned out to be one of our favorite countries and we did not feel in danger at all!

Alternatively, if you never go to India, you might hear or think that is a very dirty and poor, but once you visit you realize it has so many faces, clean, modern, dirty, poor, beautiful nature, bustling cities and a lot of smiles!

Exploring the unknown makes us a little wiser and, hopefully, kinder and more understanding.

"Exploring the unknown makes us a little wiser and, hopefully, kinder and more understanding."


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