You know, someone once told me that 50% of our happiness comes from our genes, 10% from external circumstances, and the other 40% from personal choice. I choose to travel and explore, not because I want to escape or runaway, but because I feel the happiest when I am learning about other cultures and understanding what it means to love each other and live as one.

For the past 10 years, I have lived on four different continents and am currently residing in a tiny little country in southern Africa called Lesotho. There isn’t one place I call home anymore. The world has become my playground and I try to embrace new cultures wherever I go. Whether it’s talking to bankers in Switzerland or Buddhist monks in Myanmar, everyone has a story to tell and listening to those stories has shaped the person I am today.

Once you start traveling, you’ll never stop. We only have one life, and I encourage you to be spontaneous and choose to explore more.

"Once you start traveling, you’ll never stop."


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